Adidas Sport Illustration: Patrick Mahomes

I recently had the pleasure to work with »Adidas« on this illustration of Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) for their social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. A huge thanks goes to Logan Vild for the pleasant collaboration.

2018 Top Nine Illustrations On Instagram

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In 2018 I started a second Instagram account to separate my portrait and watercolor illustrations from the »Mindshot« illustrations. These are the top nine illustrations of last year showing mostly work for the ESPN Magazine and FC Bayern Munich, as well as personal stuff. You can find it here.

2018 Top Nine Mindshots On Instagram

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For illustrators Instagram is a great way to spread their work and to communicate with viewers from around the world. Here are my top nine Mindshot illustrations for 2018. This is the selection of the Mindshots which received the most likes on 2018. You can see more on Instagram.